Coat Check Tickets

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Find affordable, high-quality 2 part coat check tickets here at Valet Tickets.  Our 2 part tickets allow you to easily store customer coats in an organized and efficient fashion.  The ticket splits into two pieces allowing you to place one part with the coat and the other  with the attendant. This will allow him or her to identify the corresponding number later.  Stay organized, fast, and efficient with our 2 part coat check tickets.

These Coat Check Tickets are ready to ship the same business day they’re ordered..
Custom coat check tickets usually take 1-2 business days to ship.

Delivery dates are determined by the shipping method you choose.


 Valet Tickets are printed on 110 lb Heavy Weight Index Stock



 2-Part Valet Parking Tickets : 2.75”x4.25” and 2.83”x5.5”

 3-Part Valet Parking Tickets:  2.83”x5.5”, 2.75”x7” and 2.75”x8.5”


 Each 1000 tickets are numbered from 000-999


 9 Stock Colors Available

 Large Jumbo Numbers

 7/16” Keyhole in 2-part and 3-part tickets

 Perforations that are easy to tear


 Each 1000 tickets are boxed and banded


 Determined by the shipping method you choose.

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