Hotel Valet Tickets & Supplies

Hotel Valet Ticket Supplies

Valet Tickets is here to offer you both stock and custom hotel valet parking tickets.  With our simple tickets, your valet will be able to easily identify the correct car faster, making your service more efficient.  We have several sizes of tickets: 2-part, 3-part, 4-part, and 5- part.  For custom tickets, we will print your hotel logo and phone number on the tag upon request as well as any other necessary information.  Give us a call to order your hotel valet parking tickets today. These Hotel Valet Parking Tickets & Supplies are in stock and ready to ship today.

We also offer custom printed versions which usually take 1-2 business days to ship.

Delivery dates are determined by the shipping method you choose.


 Valet Tickets are printed on 110 lb Heavy Weight Index Stock



 2-Part Valet Parking Tickets : 2.75”x4.25” and 2.83”x5.5”

 3-Part Valet Parking Tickets:  2.83”x5.5”, 2.75”x7” and 2.75”x8.5”

 4-Part Valet Parking Tickets:  2.75”x7” and 2.75”x8.5”

 5-Part Valet Parking Tickets:   2.75″x8.5″ and 2.83″x11″


 Each 1000 tickets are numbered from 000-999


 Several Stock Colors Available

 Large Jumbo Numbers

 3/16” Keyhole in 3-part,4-part and 5-part tickets

 Perforations that are easy to tear


 Each 1000 tickets are boxed and banded


 Determined by the shipping method you choose.

Add On: 

 Bar Codes, QR Codes, Custom Numbering, and Rush Service Available

More Info:

 Call us at 877-934-9366