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How to Host a Raffle at Your Place of Business

custom printed raffle tickets

Most business owners are constantly looking for ways to get customers in the door. For example, knowing that two-hour parking limits in downtown areas present hardships to both customers and employees may prompt owners to seek out locations with easy on-site parking for added convenience. Of course, this isn’t the only way to increase your foot traffic and positive brand associations. In the social media era, contests and giveaways have become a common way to spread the word about a new product or service and to further your reach.

That said, traditional versions of the social media giveaway still prove very effective. For example, hosting a raffle can be a great way to flesh out your mailing list, reach new customers, and incentivize purchases. And when you have custom printed raffle tickets, your drawing will look the part. But before you pull out the winning custom raffle tickets and announce who will be taking home the prize, you’ll want to do some homework first. Below are some essential steps to take when hosting a raffle at your place of business.

  • Look Up the Legalities: Before you order customized raffle tickets or start picking out the prizes to give away, you’ll need to ensure that the drawing is actually legal. Technically speaking, raffles can be classified as a form of gaming if you charge for contest entry. That’s often why you see “no purchase necessary” in the fine print of many giveaways. You’ll need to check out both state and federal guidelines pertaining to raffles. Be sure to ask questions pertaining to whether you can have customers enter a raffle using a purchase receipt and any other rules that are unclear. You’ll want to consult the websites for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ensure your raffle won’t be breaking any rules. Once you know how a raffle should operate, you can proceed with the subsequent details.
  • Top Off Your Team: Businesses will often partner with charities or non-profit organizations to increase promotion and impartiality during a contest. Not only can this allow you to support a cause you care about, but it can also bring a sense of legitimacy to your drawing. What’s more, you’ll be able to bring in more entrants, thanks to your combined efforts. Alternatively, you could also partner with another business (though not a direct competitor) to magnify your reach and drum up excitement for the drawing. Just make sure that if you work with another organization that their mission aligns well with yours and that the partnership makes sense for the given contest.
  • Plan Out Your Publicity: Before you pick the winners with your custom printed raffle tickets, you’ll need to promote your contest to the utmost. Make sure your raffle has a “hook” — an exciting point of view that will appeal to media outlets as well as entrants. Your raffle should tell a compelling story, rather than simply giving away a prize. You should give yourself enough time to plan the raffle itself and to promote the event with press releases, on-site signage, website and social media updates, email blasts, and media interviews. Although you may not want to spend a ton on advertisements (unless the prize is truly impressive and you stand to bring in a lot of business as a result), you’ll want to explore low-cost publicity options to ensure you gather as many participants as possible.
  • Stock Up On Supplies: One of the great things about this kind of contest is that you don’t necessarily need a lot of inventory. You should, of course, stock up on unique raffle tickets and entry forms. Custom printed raffle tickets can make your efforts seem even more professional and can make your tickets stand out to entrants. You may also want to get yourself a raffle drum to help you pick the winner. As long as you have enough of these materials to accommodate all your entrants, you’ll be golden.

Want to host a business drawing? You’ll need custom printed raffle tickets of the highest quality. For more on these tickets, as well as the valet supplies we carry, please contact us today.

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How Valet Parking Can Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

valet parking tags

The American restaurant industry is raking in a healthy profit margin, considering that roughly 19 million people reported visiting a full-service eatery in 2016. However, not every restaurant is created equal. In such a crowded landscape, particularly in larger cities, it’s essential for restaurants to stand out for the right reasons. Of course, you can manage to do that with your decor, your food, or your unique motif. But you can also make a great impression by providing special services like valet parking.

When your restaurant utilizes valet parking tags and employs the staff to issue this amenity to guests, you’ll be in a great position to thrive in your industry. Here are just a few reasons why something as simple as issuing valet parking tags and taking care of patron parking will allow you to take your restaurant’s success to the next level.

    • Increase Customer Loyalty: Customer loyalty is hard to come by in 2019, especially with so many new restaurants to try. But consumers are a bit less willing to take a risk on a meal than they are with a single product, in many cases. If an item they buy at the grocery store doesn’t live up to their expectations, they’ll simply try something else next time. But spending an evening at a subpar restaurant can ruin their entire night. As a result, many customers will gravitate towards eateries they know will provide them with what they’re looking for every time. Plus, alleviating worries about parking issues will make customers that much more inclined to choose to dine with you over your competition.
    • Improve Brand Reputation: Speaking of competition, a valet service can be a great way to rise above any other restaurant operating in your same sphere. Offering valet parking can also cement your reputation in your locality as a stellar place to dine or to spend time with loved ones. By ensuring that every customer can experience that sense of luxury when they dine with you, your reputation will only grow in a positive fashion. Don’t forget to highlight this service on your restaurant’s website and in your on-site signage to ensure that everyone knows you’ve made efforts to increase customer convenience and overall atmosphere.
    • Provide Superior Experiences: Whether a customer is a regular or is set to dine with you for the first time, you can set the right tone and ensure a special experience from start to finish by making good use of valet parking tags. Since the typical American motorist wastes $345 in time and fuel each year just searching for parking, you’ll alleviate customer frustration by prioritizing your valet services. And when you consistently provide an enjoyable experience for diners, you’ll likely be rewarded with positive online reviews and press coverage, allowing your restaurant to succeed in the long term.
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How to Create a Raffle Ticket and What You Should Include In One

customized raffle tickets

A raffle is a great way to fundraise and collect money for a good cause. Whether you are supporting a cancer patient or a bear conservation center, to run a successful raffle you will need to be creative. Fundraising is serious and even when you do it on a small scale; it usually takes a lot of time and work. If raffles are your best option or one of the options, read on and find out how you can create customized raffle tickets to your event.

How to Run a Successful Raffle

Most people are not aware, but a raffle may be subject to gaming commission and tax laws. To find out if your raffle will be subject to any law, check with your state, municipality, or federal state government to make sure your raffle is legal. Once everything legal checks out, you want to make sure that you will have a smooth, successful show by having the right raffle tickets.

What to Include In A Raffle?

Just before we get to print your unique raffle tickets, you need to make a few decisions. First, you must decide if you will be giving away any donated items. If this is the case, you will need to include the items on your ticket. Your raffle may have too many items, which makes it impossible to have them included on your customized raffle tickets. If this is the case, the most logical thing to do is to include the name of the donor on each ticket. This is a great way to thank them for their generosity.

Secondly, you must decide which of the donated items are of high value. This is a great way to attract people’s attention by featuring these high-value items on the ticket. Remember, you may not be able to include all items on the ticket, but choosing a few would give your audience an idea of what is up for grabs. This is the beauty of custom raffle tickets. They give you the freedom to choose and come up with unique designs that fit your needs.

Third, if you have cash draw; make sure the value is easily legible from a distance. An eye-catching ticket is likely to hold your audience’s attention for long and possibly make its way to their fridge. This is what you want to achieve.

Also, make sure that you give people enough room to print names, addresses, and phone number, so they get their prices. This will reduce the headache that may come from items being sent to the wrong address. The good thing about custom printed raffle tickets is the freedom to include what will suit you. You can even leave enough space for their email address, which gives you more than one way to get in touch with them.

How to Create Customized Raffle Tickets

Custom printed raffle tickets are not challenging to create if you know what you are doing. If you are up to the challenge, and you don’t need complicated design, you can create your own customized raffle tickets through Microsoft word. Once you are done, print the tickets, and you are good to go. Although this is a great way to save on cost, it will not give you beautiful tickets that people will be happy to show off.

The best idea would be to have your tickets designed for you. This gives you beautiful tickets that people will talk about for days, and makes it easy for people to purchase the tickets. As if that’s not enough, some people will give you an option to design and print custom parking tags or custom valet tags for the event. New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, and San Francisco are the worst cities to find parking which make valet services a must.

A custom raffle ticket will give your organization an authentic and sophisticated look which will build trust with your audience, which makes investing in one a wise decision.

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Using Valet Tickets for Better Customer Experience

custom valet ticket

The Valet Ticketing System

Valet ticketing has been around for a long time. From pulling up to a hotel, a high end club, or a swanky restaurant, having a valet is almost necessary to satisfy customers expectations. The cost of hiring a valet ticketing specialist for an evening is over $300. Keeping one on staff is even more expensive.

With the advent of smart phones and an evermore connected digital world, valet systems are not only more economical to set up, they allow for a huge time and money savings for both you and the customers visiting your establishment.

Benefits of a Custom Valet Ticket System

Custom valet ticket and valet tags are quickly becoming the new standard for an elite restaurant experience and for events such a sporting games, horse races, and the like. Gone are the days of paper charts that plot out where each car is parked and a paper valet parking tag. Now we use smart phones.

The largest advantage, in our eyes, of a custom valet parking system is that it brings extreme convenience for customers. Each person in the U.S. spends on average 17 hours each year searching for parking. For customers who put a high value on their time, spending even 5 or 10 minutes searching for parking can be disastrous to your business reputation.

By using a custom valet ticket software, customers are able to simply roll up front, drop their keys to a parking attendant, and immediately walk in and experience the exquisite nature of your establishment. On the valet attendant end, there will be no back log of cars and wasted time looking for a place to park, because the valet ticket software will quickly and efficiently find the best place to park each vehicle.

Going hand in hand with the convenience for customers that a custom valet ticket software is car retrieval. Retrieving a customers car is extremely fast and easy with this software, and can even be started before they begin leaving their table. Say for instance a waiter or waitress notices a group getting ready to depart, the attending waiter can take note of the groups vehicle numbers and notify the valet attendant. With a custom valet ticket system, the car can be ready and waiting for each customer by the time they step out the front door. Now that is a first class experience.

Some customers are wary of allowing a stranger (the valet attendant) to drive away with their expensive car. This is a valid concern because as soon as those keys are given to the valet attendant, that car could be scratched or dented and it would be easy to go unreported. Using a custom valet ticket software, the valet attendant can take a video or pictures of the car before taking it and after returning it. This protects both the business from fraudulent claims and the customer from unreported damages.

One of the last benefits we want to touch on today is the elevated business status a custom valet ticket system will bring you. Customers today expect more than ever to have phenomenal service. The service for your customers starts the moment they come in contact with your business, whether that be online, over the phone, or driving up to your establishment. That service doesn’t end until the customer leaves for the evening. Having a state of the art valet ticketing system will elevate the status of your business in the eyes of your customers, giving them something unique and amazing to go home and talk about. Use this as an opportunity to impress and keep satisfied every visitor you have. Reputation is the same for people and business: it takes a lifetime to build, but only a moment to ruin.

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What Is Best For My Company? Major Types of Valet Tickets

custom valet ticket

The typical driver in the United States, according to research by INRIX, throws away about $345 every year in the form of both wasted time and fuel just looking for parking. This fact can make valet parking a huge convenience for guests of all socioeconomic statuses because everybody gets tired of trying to find a parking spot.

Most consumers would likely believe that, when they have seen one valet ticket, they have seen them all. However, they are not experts in the field. You, whether you run a hotel, condo, restaurant, casino, hospital, a valet parking company, or you are a wedding planner, are the expert that can differentiate between the different types of tickets and their pros and cons. Below is a list of some of the major types of custom valet tickets:

Texting Valet Tickets

This first option is a very intriguing one, as there is no code to scan. The basic function of this valet parking ticket is just as any other, to give a clear indicated number, so there is no confusion for the customer. However, instead of having a code to scan, there is a number, and when they text that number the 3 digit number on their ticket, the ticket indicates a specific number of minutes they have until their car will be waiting for them. One advantage of this type is that your older customers who do not have smartphones are still able to text the number relatively easily.

QR Code Valet Ticket

QR code valet parking tickets function essentially the same way as a texting custom valet ticket. However, this skips your guest a step of having to type in a phone number. QR codes are able to administer a command to a person’s smartphone, making it get ready to send a text, and the guest will only have to press send. This might not seem like a big deal, but convenience can go a long way with guests, especially guests who are used to a life of convenience. Since drivers typically tip about $1 to $5 for valet parking, your attendant’s tip could go up with the guest only having to press a few buttons for their car to be brought to the door.

Bar Code Valet Ticket

A fairly antiquated technique, bar codes are still used for many valet tickets. However, bar codes contain only information, not commands. So, when using a bar code ticket, a guest would take their ticket to a valet attendant who would scan the ticket and indicate to another attendant what car number, make, and model to look for. While this method gets the job done, the guest still has to stand and wait at the valet stand, waiting for their car. When using more technologically advanced techniques, the guest can indicate that they are ready to leave in advance while still in the event, and will know how much time they have before exiting. Efficiency is also increased by other methods, as less work has to be done by the valet attendants, who can focus on moving cars rather than scanning tickets.

Regardless of what type of custom valet tickets you decide are best for your company, a reliable, affordable supplier is a must. One supplier that is highly recommended is They provide many affordable valet ticket options. Consider checking out their website to find the tickets that are best for your company.

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Is Your Hotel Ready For Spring?

valet tickets

When it comes to the hospital industry, no detail is too small especially in terms of cleaning. Spring is almost here and now is the best time to get your hotel business ready for an influx of vacationing guests.

Spring cleaning is not only a good general practice but it will also help you step up against the competition. That said, here are some tips you can use to stand apart from other hotels and really wow your guests.

Inspect frequently used equipment

The equipment in your hotel needs to be working efficiently throughout the year. One of the best ways to make sure it does just that is to conduct routine maintenance inspections on your equipment.

HVAC systems ought to be inspected at least twice a year. This ensures any small problems you have can be repaired before they become a major disaster.

Other equipment that your guests and employees use frequently also ought to be inspected. Replace any damaged and inefficient vacuums, portable refrigerators, and other equipment.

Switch out your custom valet tickets

Valet parking is an important part of the hospitality industry. Not only does it make your guests feel catered to but it also ensures no car accidents happen on your property.

Custom valet tickets take your valet parking to the next level. If you already have custom tickets, consider switching them out for new parking tags for the new season and a new look.

Take care of areas that are out of sight

It's easy to forget about the areas around your hotel that your guests don't see. But these spaces need to be cleaned and repaired, too.

Inspect employee locker rooms, restrooms, and other spots that only you and your employees have access to. A great business makes sure to keep every area in their building clean and full of productive energy.

Where can I get custom parking tags for my hotel business?

Valet parking is a great way to make your customers feel taken care of. The average driver spends up to 17 hours a year looking for parking. Custom valet tickets remind your customers that it's you helping them park.

If you're looking for custom valet tickets for your business, Valet Tickets has what you need. To learn more about our valet ticket templates or valet ticket printing, contact Valet Tickets today.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Company Parking Lot

valet tickets

Your company parking lot might not be on the forefront of your mind when you're thinking about how to appeal to new customers. But you'd be surprised just how much the appearance of your parking lot impacts consumer decisions.

Parking lots are an extension of your property building. That means if you have potholes and dead plants scattered around your parking lot, your customers are likely to think you don't care about your business.

Here are four ways you can improve your company parking lot and boost customer satisfaction while you're at it:

  1. Valet parking. Up to 66% of drivers say they allow themselves to drive while distracted in a parking lot. This puts not only your customers at risk of a car accident but also your company property. Valet parking with custom valet tickets can keep your customers and employees happy while reducing auto accident risk. What's more, valet parking immediately boosts your business' status in the eyes of your customers, which will increase your revenue later on.
  2. Green space. Drivers often park by trees not just so they know where they parked but also because it provides shade during the summer months. Consider planting a few small trees in the grassy areas around your parking lot. Flowers and other plants can also help to boost the appearance of your parking lot.
  3. Smooth driving. Nothing says "I don't care about my customers" quite like a slew of potholes. Make sure that you're maintaining the pavement of your parking lot, especially with spring fast approaching. Once the snow melts, any road-related issues with your parking lot will be noticeable.
  4. Pedestrian safety. Be sure that your parking lot is not only dedicated to the drivers, but also the pedestrians. Include plenty of crosswalks, not just one, so you can be sure your customers are safe getting from the parking lot to your business.

Where can I find valet tickets for businesses?

Nothing says class quite like custom valet tickets for your business. Valet Tickets offers customized valet parking tags for your company so your customers always know who's providing them with great service.

To learn more about our valet tickets for businesses or for information about our valet ticket templates, contact Valet Tickets today.

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What Colors Are Best To Use Around My Workplace?

Color has a powerful psychological impact on people’s decisions and behavior. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why paint colors are such a top priority when painting the inside of an office or a retail store.

Color can influence the way your consumers feel about your business. But what are the best colors to use in your branding?

Choose colors based on how they make your consumers feel

Colors can’t make a consumer believe in your business. But it can influence consumers’ feelings based on prior beliefs.

For instance, consider your business’ good reputation. The color blue in your workplace could help to reaffirm that reputation in new customers.

But how do you know which colors to use in your branding, your workplace, and around your business? Consider the following colors and how they may impact the behavior of your consumers:

  • Red. Red creates a sense of urgency. It also stimulates the body’s blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Orange. Orange is a cheerful, citrus color. But be careful which shade you use. Certain shades, like traffic cone orange, can trigger a sense of caution.
  • Yellow. Yellow is another cheerful color. It’s great for catching the eye of your consumer because it’s the first color the eye recognizes.
  • Green. Green is associated with nature, health, tranquility, and power.
  • Blue. Blue is a calming color that’s associated with trustworthiness, tranquility, and wakefulness.
  • White. White is often associated with cleanliness and safety. But too much white can cause a workplace to feel sterile.

Where do I include color in my workplace?

Where you choose to include certain colors in your workplace and around your place of business depends on the impact you want to have on your employees and consumers.

For instance, using blue in your custom valet tickets could tell your customers when they use your valet parking that you’re a trustworthy and reliable business. Using gray in your valet tickets can also tell them your business is practical.

Be sure to be careful with the color placements you do choose. If you want to use red to catch the eye of your consumers, be sure to use it sparingly as an accent color. Too much red can make consumers feel anxious and agitated.

Where can I find custom valet tickets for my business?

Valet parking is a great way to gain the trust of your consumers. In fact, approximately 146,360 parking lot attendants were employed in 2016 alone.

Whether you’re looking for custom valet tickets for your business or for an event, Valet Tickets offers custom valet ticket printing to meet your valet tag needs. To learn more about valet ticket printing for your business, contact Valet Tickets today.

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4 Tips To Turn Traveling Customers Into Happy Campers

Travel is stressful, especially during the high point of the summer. Roads are more crowded than ever with teens and families on vacation. To make matters worse, vacationers may not know where they're going, which can amp up their frustration.

While it's hard to avoid overcrowded streets and airports over the summer, there are a few ways you can help your customers keep their spirits up during peak travel season.

Here's how you can keep your traveling customers happy during the big summer rush:

  1. Use valet parking. Up to 80% of all bumper scratches occur when a driver is parking their own car. Accidents on your property can not only frustrate customers and cause problems, but it can also give your business a bad rap. By using valet parking and custom valet parking tickets, you can keep your business in a good light and make your customers happy.
  2. Offer to ship gifts. When families travel, they like to collect souvenirs and gifts for friends and relatives. Unfortunately, this can limit the space they have in their bags and make bag check-ins more expensive. There's also a chance their trip home could damage their souvenirs. Offer to ship any gifts or souvenirs home for your customers. This small gesture means a lot and may improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Offer upgrades when possible. If an upgrade is available on a flight or in a hotel, offer it to the next available customer. This will help lift your customers' mood and promote good word-of-mouth reviews. What's more, you won't be losing out on an opportunity because the upgraded space was already available. You may actually be gain greater customer loyalty.
  4. Offer customary food. Travel is expensive and so is the food. Your customers will be grateful for any unexpected complimentary things you provide. This includes food. A complimentary breakfast can mean a lot to your customers and you'll be more likely to gain a greater consumer following because of it.

New York City drivers waste up to $2,243 dollars a year in wasted fuel and time looking for a parking spot. Valet parking can help your customers save time, money, and their mood. To learn more about custom valet tickets for your valet parking or your business, contact Valet Tickets today for more information.

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Know The Dangers Of Driving: 5 Common Causes Of Car Accidents

There are as many as 6 million car accidents that occur in the U.S. every year. In fact, nearly 66% of drivers say they allow themselves to be distracted while they're driving through a parking lot.

Car accidents can lead to a number of unwanted consequences, including liability issues for your business. Here are some of the top reasons why car accidents happen to help you avoid these issues in the future.

  1. Distracted driving. Distracted driving is considered the top reason for car accidents in the United States. Drivers can be distracted by their phones, eating food, or by other passengers.
  2. Reckless driving. Many drivers believe they're skilled enough on the road to avoid an accident, even when driving recklessly. But when you drive recklessly, you're not taking into account the other drivers on the road and can end up hitting another driver out of impatience.
  3. Speeding. Speeding is similar to reckless driving in that drivers will ignore the speed limit in their haste to get from one destination to another. Speeding is dangerous because it limits your reaction time, which makes it easier for an accident to happen.
  4. Weather. April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring obscured vision and poor reaction time. Rain and snow can make it difficult to see the road and ice can make roads especially treacherous.
  5. Night driving. It can be difficult to see at night, with or without your brights on. This is because the dark can keep objects like other vehicles from being easily seen until they're up close. Night driving in parking lots can be dangerous for this reason because it's harder to see vehicles and pedestrians yet both are close together in the same space. Additionally, the brights from other vehicles can also obscure the vision of other drivers if you're negligent about turning them down on the road.

Avoid A Crash: Use Valet Parking

Approximately 80% of all bumper scratches happen when a driver is parking their own car. When you choose to use valet parking with custom valet parking tickets at your place of business, you not only reduce the risk of car accidents but you also reduce the risk of liability issues. For more information on custom valet parking tickets and valet supplies, contact Valet Tickets today.