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4 Tips To Turn Traveling Customers Into Happy Campers

Travel is stressful, especially during the high point of the summer. Roads are more crowded than ever with teens and families on vacation. To make matters worse, vacationers may not know where they're going, which can amp up their frustration.

While it's hard to avoid overcrowded streets and airports over the summer, there are a few ways you can help your customers keep their spirits up during peak travel season.

Here's how you can keep your traveling customers happy during the big summer rush:

  1. Use valet parking. Up to 80% of all bumper scratches occur when a driver is parking their own car. Accidents on your property can not only frustrate customers and cause problems, but it can also give your business a bad rap. By using valet parking and custom valet parking tickets, you can keep your business in a good light and make your customers happy.
  2. Offer to ship gifts. When families travel, they like to collect souvenirs and gifts for friends and relatives. Unfortunately, this can limit the space they have in their bags and make bag check-ins more expensive. There's also a chance their trip home could damage their souvenirs. Offer to ship any gifts or souvenirs home for your customers. This small gesture means a lot and may improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Offer upgrades when possible. If an upgrade is available on a flight or in a hotel, offer it to the next available customer. This will help lift your customers' mood and promote good word-of-mouth reviews. What's more, you won't be losing out on an opportunity because the upgraded space was already available. You may actually be gain greater customer loyalty.
  4. Offer customary food. Travel is expensive and so is the food. Your customers will be grateful for any unexpected complimentary things you provide. This includes food. A complimentary breakfast can mean a lot to your customers and you'll be more likely to gain a greater consumer following because of it.

New York City drivers waste up to $2,243 dollars a year in wasted fuel and time looking for a parking spot. Valet parking can help your customers save time, money, and their mood. To learn more about custom valet tickets for your valet parking or your business, contact Valet Tickets today for more information.