Many businesses think alike when it comes to building a brand. Common strategies to gain consumer attention and aid conversion include direct mail campaigns, ads on billboards, and discount pop-ups on your landing page.

However, many consumers have adapted to these brand-building strategies. This means your campaigns to get your brand noticed might actually be costing you more money than you're taking in. But that doesn't mean you should stop trying to build your brand.

In fact, by doing the unexpected you can make your brand stand out from the crowd that much more. Consider the following unexpected opportunities to influence the success of your brand.

Brand in unexpected places
Consumers are less likely to read advertising content when they're online. However, when the advertising is in print, the consumer is more likely to read it. Take advantage of this and consider the places consumers are likely to land their eye throughout the day.

One of the best examples of branding in unexpected places is the valet parking ticket. Valet parking itself is a great way to promote your business. The American driver wastes up to $345 of gas a year looking for a place to park. The use of valet parking puts potential consumers into a better mood. 

With custom valet parking ticket printing, that potential consumer will associate your business with the ease of their parking. What's more, they'll be impressed you thought of custom parking tags as a place to brand.

Give consumers an unexpected reason to laugh
A custom valet ticket is a great way to catch the attention of a potential consumer, but an unexpected reason to laugh might just complete the conversion to your business. 

Consumers expect humor from businesses targeted toward younger generations. This means using humor here and there in unexpected places on your website or other advertisements might surprise a laugh out of your clients.

Humor can be a surprisingly useful tool in your branding belt. Make an amusing 404 Error page or a joke at the bottom of your landing page to give consumers a humorous experience where they'd least expect to find it.

To successfully brand your business, consider going above and beyond for your consumers in unexpected ways. For more information on custom valet tickets, contact Valet Tickets today.