Every year, winter brings its own fair share of safety issues to the workplace. Ice can cause slips, trips, and falls that can put your employees and customers out of commission, and snow can reduce visibility in the parking lot.

Below are some of the most common workplace winter hazards so you know what to look out for at your own place of business. After reading this blog, you'll know what to do to keep everyone safe this winter work season.

Motor vehicle collisions

Ice, snow, and slush can cause a bad fall in the parking lot. They can also cause unexpected motor vehicle collisions.

A slick spot on the road can send a car directly into the bumper of another vehicle. Snow and rain can also make it difficult for drivers to see where these icy patches might be hiding.

To prevent motor vehicle accidents from happening at your workplace, be sure that the parking lot is plowed and salted. Valet parking may also be a nice touch during the winter to keep frustrated drivers from taking too fast a turn while looking for parking.

Slips, trips, and falls

We mentioned above that slips are common during the winter. A bad fall can do a surprising amount of damage including bruising, a twisted ankle, or a broken bone.

If you fail to maintain your parking lot during the winter months and a customer slips on your property, you could potentially face a liability issue. That said, be sure to salt your parking lot and sidewalks. It's also a good idea to provide adequate rugs at the entrance to your building and to put up 'wet floor' signs.

Workplace fires

The risk of a house fire or workplace fire increases during the winter months because of increased use of heating systems. Be sure your workplace heating system has had seasonal maintenance and that there isn't any clutter surrounding it that could catch fire.

It's also a good idea to be wary of personal heaters. If your employees use them, make sure that they're recent models and that there's nothing flammable surrounding them.

Consider custom valet tickets for businesses this winter

Approximately 80% of all bumper scratches happen when a driver is parking their own car. Valet parking reduces the risk of bumper scratches and other motor vehicle accidents.

Valet Tickets offers custom parking tags for businesses so you can take your valet parking experience to the next level this winter. To learn more about our valet parking tickets and valet parking ticket printing, contact Valet Tickets today.