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How to Create a Raffle Ticket and What You Should Include In One

customized raffle tickets

A raffle is a great way to fundraise and collect money for a good cause. Whether you are supporting a cancer patient or a bear conservation center, to run a successful raffle you will need to be creative. Fundraising is serious and even when you do it on a small scale; it usually takes a lot of time and work. If raffles are your best option or one of the options, read on and find out how you can create customized raffle tickets to your event.

How to Run a Successful Raffle

Most people are not aware, but a raffle may be subject to gaming commission and tax laws. To find out if your raffle will be subject to any law, check with your state, municipality, or federal state government to make sure your raffle is legal. Once everything legal checks out, you want to make sure that you will have a smooth, successful show by having the right raffle tickets.

What to Include In A Raffle?

Just before we get to print your unique raffle tickets, you need to make a few decisions. First, you must decide if you will be giving away any donated items. If this is the case, you will need to include the items on your ticket. Your raffle may have too many items, which makes it impossible to have them included on your customized raffle tickets. If this is the case, the most logical thing to do is to include the name of the donor on each ticket. This is a great way to thank them for their generosity.

Secondly, you must decide which of the donated items are of high value. This is a great way to attract people’s attention by featuring these high-value items on the ticket. Remember, you may not be able to include all items on the ticket, but choosing a few would give your audience an idea of what is up for grabs. This is the beauty of custom raffle tickets. They give you the freedom to choose and come up with unique designs that fit your needs.

Third, if you have cash draw; make sure the value is easily legible from a distance. An eye-catching ticket is likely to hold your audience’s attention for long and possibly make its way to their fridge. This is what you want to achieve.

Also, make sure that you give people enough room to print names, addresses, and phone number, so they get their prices. This will reduce the headache that may come from items being sent to the wrong address. The good thing about custom printed raffle tickets is the freedom to include what will suit you. You can even leave enough space for their email address, which gives you more than one way to get in touch with them.

How to Create Customized Raffle Tickets

Custom printed raffle tickets are not challenging to create if you know what you are doing. If you are up to the challenge, and you don’t need complicated design, you can create your own customized raffle tickets through Microsoft word. Once you are done, print the tickets, and you are good to go. Although this is a great way to save on cost, it will not give you beautiful tickets that people will be happy to show off.

The best idea would be to have your tickets designed for you. This gives you beautiful tickets that people will talk about for days, and makes it easy for people to purchase the tickets. As if that’s not enough, some people will give you an option to design and print custom parking tags or custom valet tags for the event. New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, and San Francisco are the worst cities to find parking which make valet services a must.

A custom raffle ticket will give your organization an authentic and sophisticated look which will build trust with your audience, which makes investing in one a wise decision.