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Using Valet Tickets for Better Customer Experience

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The Valet Ticketing System

Valet ticketing has been around for a long time. From pulling up to a hotel, a high end club, or a swanky restaurant, having a valet is almost necessary to satisfy customers expectations. The cost of hiring a valet ticketing specialist for an evening is over $300. Keeping one on staff is even more expensive.

With the advent of smart phones and an evermore connected digital world, valet systems are not only more economical to set up, they allow for a huge time and money savings for both you and the customers visiting your establishment.

Benefits of a Custom Valet Ticket System

Custom valet ticket and valet tags are quickly becoming the new standard for an elite restaurant experience and for events such a sporting games, horse races, and the like. Gone are the days of paper charts that plot out where each car is parked and a paper valet parking tag. Now we use smart phones.

The largest advantage, in our eyes, of a custom valet parking system is that it brings extreme convenience for customers. Each person in the U.S. spends on average 17 hours each year searching for parking. For customers who put a high value on their time, spending even 5 or 10 minutes searching for parking can be disastrous to your business reputation.

By using a custom valet ticket software, customers are able to simply roll up front, drop their keys to a parking attendant, and immediately walk in and experience the exquisite nature of your establishment. On the valet attendant end, there will be no back log of cars and wasted time looking for a place to park, because the valet ticket software will quickly and efficiently find the best place to park each vehicle.

Going hand in hand with the convenience for customers that a custom valet ticket software is car retrieval. Retrieving a customers car is extremely fast and easy with this software, and can even be started before they begin leaving their table. Say for instance a waiter or waitress notices a group getting ready to depart, the attending waiter can take note of the groups vehicle numbers and notify the valet attendant. With a custom valet ticket system, the car can be ready and waiting for each customer by the time they step out the front door. Now that is a first class experience.

Some customers are wary of allowing a stranger (the valet attendant) to drive away with their expensive car. This is a valid concern because as soon as those keys are given to the valet attendant, that car could be scratched or dented and it would be easy to go unreported. Using a custom valet ticket software, the valet attendant can take a video or pictures of the car before taking it and after returning it. This protects both the business from fraudulent claims and the customer from unreported damages.

One of the last benefits we want to touch on today is the elevated business status a custom valet ticket system will bring you. Customers today expect more than ever to have phenomenal service. The service for your customers starts the moment they come in contact with your business, whether that be online, over the phone, or driving up to your establishment. That service doesn’t end until the customer leaves for the evening. Having a state of the art valet ticketing system will elevate the status of your business in the eyes of your customers, giving them something unique and amazing to go home and talk about. Use this as an opportunity to impress and keep satisfied every visitor you have. Reputation is the same for people and business: it takes a lifetime to build, but only a moment to ruin.