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What Is Best For My Company? Major Types of Valet Tickets

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The typical driver in the United States, according to research by INRIX, throws away about $345 every year in the form of both wasted time and fuel just looking for parking. This fact can make valet parking a huge convenience for guests of all socioeconomic statuses because everybody gets tired of trying to find a parking spot.

Most consumers would likely believe that, when they have seen one valet ticket, they have seen them all. However, they are not experts in the field. You, whether you run a hotel, condo, restaurant, casino, hospital, a valet parking company, or you are a wedding planner, are the expert that can differentiate between the different types of tickets and their pros and cons. Below is a list of some of the major types of custom valet tickets:

Texting Valet Tickets

This first option is a very intriguing one, as there is no code to scan. The basic function of this valet parking ticket is just as any other, to give a clear indicated number, so there is no confusion for the customer. However, instead of having a code to scan, there is a number, and when they text that number the 3 digit number on their ticket, the ticket indicates a specific number of minutes they have until their car will be waiting for them. One advantage of this type is that your older customers who do not have smartphones are still able to text the number relatively easily.

QR Code Valet Ticket

QR code valet parking tickets function essentially the same way as a texting custom valet ticket. However, this skips your guest a step of having to type in a phone number. QR codes are able to administer a command to a person’s smartphone, making it get ready to send a text, and the guest will only have to press send. This might not seem like a big deal, but convenience can go a long way with guests, especially guests who are used to a life of convenience. Since drivers typically tip about $1 to $5 for valet parking, your attendant’s tip could go up with the guest only having to press a few buttons for their car to be brought to the door.

Bar Code Valet Ticket

A fairly antiquated technique, bar codes are still used for many valet tickets. However, bar codes contain only information, not commands. So, when using a bar code ticket, a guest would take their ticket to a valet attendant who would scan the ticket and indicate to another attendant what car number, make, and model to look for. While this method gets the job done, the guest still has to stand and wait at the valet stand, waiting for their car. When using more technologically advanced techniques, the guest can indicate that they are ready to leave in advance while still in the event, and will know how much time they have before exiting. Efficiency is also increased by other methods, as less work has to be done by the valet attendants, who can focus on moving cars rather than scanning tickets.

Regardless of what type of custom valet tickets you decide are best for your company, a reliable, affordable supplier is a must. One supplier that is highly recommended is They provide many affordable valet ticket options. Consider checking out their website to find the tickets that are best for your company.